Norman Dott CBE

Norman Dott_cropped

Norman McComish Dott (1897-1973) was a distinguished Edinburgh neurosurgeon, who was an original member of the Society. A pupil of Harvey Cushing he was one of three surgeons who established neurosurgery as a speciality in Britain

An outing to Denholm

sshm trip to denholm 1964_croppedIn June 1964 the Society’s 48th meeting was held in Hawick in the Scottish Borders. The members visited the nearby village of Denholm where they were photographed in front of this imposing monument to the doctor and poet John Leyden (1775-1811) whose birthplace is close by.

William Smellie

William_250In June 1949 the Society made a ‘pilgrimage’  to Lanarkshire to visit the birthplaces of William and John Hunter and of William Smellie (1697-1763).

This included a talk on Smellie by Professor S J Cameron.

Smellie, having worked as a surgeon-apothecary and man-midwife in Lanarkshire for 15 years, went to London where he became a widely acclaimed teacher of obstetrics.

This portrait, thought to be a self-portrait, hangs in the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.