The Society’s meetings 1958-1967


31st meeting            Spring          RCSEd, Edinburgh
Dr W S Mitchell          ‘William Bullein, Elizebethian physician and author’

32nd meeting          Winter          University of Newcastle
Mrs A C Mitchell         ‘The recipe book of Jane Loraine, 1685’
Dr Ian A Porter           ‘The life and times of Thomas Trotter MD, Physician to the Navy’


33rd meeting           Spring            RFPSG, Glasgow
Dr John Ritchie           ‘The folk medicine of digitalis’
Mr A L Goodall           ‘Granville Sharp Pattison, the argumentative anatomist’

34th meeting           Summer        Museum and Art Gallery, Paisley
Dr C Stewart               ‘The history of Paisley’
Mr T Gibson                ‘The life and work of Dr Robert Watt, 1774-1819’
Mr A L Goodall           ‘The writings of Dr Robert Watt’

35th meeting          Autumn        RCPE, Edinburgh
Dr F N L Poynter       ‘Thomas Anderson MD, pioneer of vaccination in Scotland’


36th meeting          Spring          Queen’s College, Dundee
Prof Adam Patrick      ‘The Plague of Athens, 430 B.C. : A Problem in Diagnosis’

37th meeting          Autumn          RFPSG, Glasgow
Dr M H A Davison    ‘The Development of Abdominal Surgery’


38th meeting          Spring          RCSEd, Edinburgh
Mr W J Bishop            ‘The History of Auto-Surgery

39th meeting          Summer       King’s College, Aberdeen
Dr W P D Wightman  ‘The Life and Times of Dr Duncan Liddel, M.D. (1561-1613)’

40th meeting          Autumn         RCPE, Edinburgh
Prof Adam Patrick      ‘The Symptomatology of Diabetic Coma : A Retrospect’


41st  meeting          Spring          RCPSG, Glasgow
Dr A T Sandison         ‘A Pathologist looks at Egyptian Mummies’

42nd  meeting        Summer       Dryburgh Abbey Hotel
Dr E M Duff                ‘ The Health and Character of Sir Walter Scott’

43rd  meeting          Autumn       RCPE, Edinburgh
Sir David Henderson  ‘The History of the Royal Scottish Mental Hospitals’


44th  meeting          Spring          RCPSG, Glasgow
Mr D C Miln                ‘James Hogarth Pringle – Surgeon Extraordinary’

45th  meeting          Summer       Bute Medical Building, St Andrews
Mr Douglas Gifford    ‘The Medieval Charm – Some Medical Aspects’
Mr J S G Blair              ‘The Medieval Charm – Some Medical Aspects’

46th  meeting          Autumn          RCPSG, Glasgow
Prof L A C Agnew        ‘Manuscripts and Medicine’


47th meeting          Spring          RCSEd, Edinburgh
Dr W N Boog Watson  ‘An Edinburgh Surgeon of the Crimean War – Patrick Heron Watson 1832-1907

48th meeting          Summer       Crown Hotel, Hawick
Dr M H A Davison     ‘Shakespeare : Some Medical Problems
Dr Douglas Guthrie   ‘ John Leyden

49th meeting          Autumn        RCPE, Edinburgh
Dr Lewis F Howitt   ‘ Some Medical Historical Aspects of Smoke’


50th meeting          Spring          Royal Medical Society, Edinburgh
Dr Sydney Selwyn   ‘Sir John Pringle (1707-82); Hospital Reformer, Moral Philosopher, Pioneer of Antiseptics’

51st meeting            Summer          Craig Dunain Hospital, Inverness
Dr Martin Whittet     ‘Gleanings from Hebridean Medical History’

52nd  meeting         Autumn         RCPSG, Glasgow
Dr Douglas Guthrie   ‘Joseph Lister – A Tale of Three Cities’


53rd  meeting         Autumn         University Library, Newcastle
Dr W S Mitchell         ‘ John Leyden’s six letters to Professor James Brown

54th  meeting         Summer        Pfizer Foundation, Edinburgh
Prof Norman Dott      ‘Reflections on the History of Surgical Neurology’


55th  meeting         Spring         Hunterian Museum, Glasgow
Mr R O McKenna      ‘Some Books in the Hunterian Library, Glasgow’
Sir Charles Illingworth   ‘The Erudition of William Hunter

56th  meeting         Autumn        RCSEd, Edinburgh
Dr C D Leake              ‘James Blake (1814-1893) – a pioneering chemist and pharmacologist’