The Society’s Meetings 1978-1987


88th meeting                         Spring              Royal Infirmary, Glasgow
Dr Merriley Borell                     ‘New Plans for the History of Medicine at Edinburgh University’
Prof W Watson Buchanan       ‘Contribution of History to the study of the aetiology of Rheumatoid Arthritis’

89th meeting                         Summer           Craig Dunain Hospital, Inverness
Dr Martin M  Whittet                ‘Res Medica of the ’45’
Dr Haldane P  Tait                     ‘SSHM; The First Thirty Years’

90th meeting                         Autumn            Old Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh
Dr Edwin Clarke                        ‘Towards a History of Medicine in Scotland’
Dr Michael Finlay                      ‘Malaria : The Scourge of Scotland’


91st meeting                         Spring            Royal Medical Society, Edinburgh
Dr A T Sandison                        ‘Sexual Behaviour in Ancient Societies’
Dr Andrew Doig The First 250 Years of the Edinburgh Medical Faculty : A 16mm Film presentation

92nd meeting                         Spring               RCPE, Edinburgh
Dr M B Matthews                      ‘The History of Angina Pectoris’
Mr Charles Drummond            ‘Recollections of an Apprentice Pharmacist in Edinburgh shortly after WW1’

93rd meeting                         Summer             Cross Keys Hotel, Kelso
Dr K J McCracken                       ‘The Kelso Dispensary 1777-1908’

94th meeting                         Autumn             George Square Lecture Theatre, Edinburgh
Dr Haldane P Tait                    ‘Symposium marking 250th Anniversary of RIE and 100th Anniversary of SMMP’
Mrs Rosalie Stott                      ‘Medical teaching in Edinburgh in the first half of the 18th Century’
Mrs Patricia G Watson            ‘The Early Years in the Infirmary’
Dr Walter Makey                      ‘George Drummond’s New Edinburgh’
Mr Charles Drummond           ‘Pharmacy : The General Scene’
Mr John Myers                          ‘From Apothecary to Hospital Pharmacist’
Prof J Dunbar-Nasmith           ‘Designs for Health : The Architecture of the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh’
Dr John Sturrock                       ‘Sir James Young Simpson and his Memorial Hospital’
Mrs Muriel Shine                      ‘ Nursing in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh’
Dr Andrew Doig                         ‘Infirmary Personalities : The Old Hospital’
Mr Iain MacLaren                      ‘Infirmary Personalities : The Present Hospital’
Dr Rina Nealon                          ‘Concluding Remarks’